Thursday, August 4, 2011

Whitmore Rolling Utility Bag Review

I purchased the Whitmor Rolling Utility Bag from It took less than a week for bag to arrived at my house. I reside in a community where everything is pretty close, close enough to walk to and fro. I used to carry my book bag and purse with me to a coffee shop near by. My laptop bag started to feel heavy on me. Maybe because I carry a lot of gadgets. and I also carry a purse. I first purchased a book bag with wheels to carry all of my stuff. But I noticed the small wheels really couldn't handle some of these rough and broke side walks. So I wished for a bigger bag with wheels. and over a year later, I found out about the Whitmor Rolling Utility Bag. and I love it. The bag is made out of some type of canvas materials and I can just easily slide in my laptop bag or laptop sleeve along with other carry-on bags. It has 3 other pockets outside of the bags to hold and organize some of your items. The wheels are made out of tough plastic materials and the handle has an easy grip rubber. Overall, I love this bag and I'm planning to purchase another just in case the price goes up.

The video below, shows me unloading this folding shopping cart. So you can have a better idea on how much stuff you actually fit in it.

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