Thursday, August 4, 2011

Review of Sanya Mirro cell phone

Model: Sanyo Mirro
Software Version: 1.003BT
Hardware: 0113
PRL Version: 31001
PRI: 0Xf417
Browser: Acces NetFront v3.5.1
Gateway Primary:
MCL Version: 5.4.13

The Sanyo Mirro is a Boost Mobile Phone. This is a Boost Mobile Phone. I don't know if its available with other carriers. What I did notice about the phone is it doesnt have a sims card.

The Likes:
  • Screen size is about 1.5 in width and 2 in height
  • The keys are large and makes it easy to dial in number.
  • It takes pictures but no videos.
  • It cost me $50 at my local Walmart store.
  • Its unlimited talk, text, and web for $50.00 per month and no additional charges.
  • The best thing I like about this phone is you can check your email easily. Add additional email accounts and get notifications when new email arrives. I love this option because I sell stuff on ebay and when an item is sold, ebay and paypal sends me an email notifications and I get it instantly. Love this option.
Don't likes:
  • Doesn't take videos
  • no full keyboard for texting.
  • not a mp3 player
  • not a smart phone.
Overall I love the phone for what I need. Unlimited talk, perfect for my home base business, unlimited text, my daughter text me alot and email notifications, love this special feature. and all of it is for $50.00 per month on Boost Mobile.

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